Our Services

Professional, bespoke, and cost effective

Computer servicing

  • Microsoft Windows / Apple Mac
  • Desktops, Laptops, AIO
  • Hardware & Software

Web development

  • New website creation / existing website improvement
  • SEO, CMS, and latest industry features
  • Affordable solutions, tailored for your business needs

Data Security Solutions

  • Antivirus/Malware/Ransomeware Protection
  • Infection removal / clean up
  • Comprehensive and layered security solutions


  • Cloud based setup (Office 365, Google)
  • Mobile device support
  • Setup & support

Smart phones/tablets

  • All brands; Samsung, Apple, Google, etc.
  • Setup support
  • Application support

Data backup solutions

  • Data backup solutions
  • Tailored to fit your situation
  • Cost effective yet bulletproof systems

Internet & Network

  • Internet installs & upgrades
  • Wired and wireless
  • Performance increase


  • TV setup and support
  • Speaker system support, SONOS
  • PC Gaming setup and support

Upgrading & replacing

  • New computer/laptop/device sourcing
  • Finding the best deals available on the latest technology
  • Upgrades and new purchases

Our way of thinking

A Swedish word comes to mind that is apt for the services we provide: lagom

lagom: a uniquely Swedish term that doesn’t have an English equivalent. Not only does it not translate perfectly but its just a very Swedish idea, part of the Swedish psyche.  Lagom is “Just enough,” “Not too much or too little,” “Just right,”. It indicates balance. Lagom doesn’t have the negative connotation of “sufficient” nor does it claim perfection. A popular etymological translation is “around the team” meaning enough food or drink for everyone at the table, this translation is said to go back to Viking times.

Smart IT Solutions

We are firm believers in finding the right solution for the problem.

Over engineering solutions tends to increase costs and complexity and consume more of your and our time!

With our lagom philosophy, we will tailor a bespoke solution to your IT needs and budget that is

just right

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